Mayor Caldwell Announces Opening of Certain Businesses with limitations

Mayor Caldwell announced yesterday that certain businesses will be allowed to open with limitations on O‘ahu. This Order is effective from 4:30 p.m on April 30 through 4:30 p.m. on May 18.

Changes to the amended Stay at Home Order add the limited reopening of certain designated businesses and operations such as:

  • Certain real estate services:  All real property sales and management activities must be accomplished by remote/electronic means whenever possible.
  • New and used car and truck dealerships‘ for sales and leasing activities.
  • Automated service providers: Service providers that do not require human interaction between the service provider and the customer, including, for example, fully automated car washes. 
  • Mobile service providers: Businesses that provide service on mobile bases in which no human interaction between the service provider and the customer, including, but not limited to, mobile pet grooming and car washing/detailing businesses.
  • Services provided on a one-on-one basis: Businesses that provide services such as private tutoring, specific music instrument lessons, and so forth that comply with social distancing requirements.
  • Public and private golf courses within the City operating following the guidelines outlined in the Professional Golfers ‘Association’s “Procedures for Reintroduction to the Game and Business of Golf.”

Cemetery visits are also being added as an essential activity and now permissible.

Click here for a link to the Mayor’s April 29 Emergency Order

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