Honolulu City Council District VII Candidate Echoes Community Frustration With New Bulky Item Pickup System

For Immediate Release
June 18, 2019
Media Contact
Jacob Aki

(Kalihi, Oʻahu) – The City and County of Honolulu’s new bulky item pickup, which began on June 1, has frustrated many residents in urban Honolulu. The new appointment based pilot program requires residents to schedule an appointment to have their bulky item trash removed.

Jacob Aki, a candidate for Honolulu City Council District VII (Kalihi, ʻlwilei, Kalihi Kai, Māpunapuna, Salt Lake, Āliamanu, Hickam, Foster Village, Ford Island, and Sand Island) has been actively walking the district since early May and the new bulky item pick up system has been a major topic of concern for many in the community.   

“Residents in the district have expressed to me their frustration with the City’s new pickup system because it severely limits the number of items that can be disposed of,” said Aki. “Instead of picking up all of the trash and bulky items that are on the street during the time of pickup, the City is only disposing of items that were indicated on the appointment form. They feel that this new system won’t solve illegal dumping issues and our streets will continue to be littered with trash.”

Kalihi and other areas of District VII have been hotspots for illegal dumping in the past. Many homeowners, whose properties have become victim to illegal dumping, are concerned that they may be fined for bulky items fronting their property that they did not put there.

“Most of these property owners that I have talked to are worried that they will be fined for piles of bulky items that don’t belong to them,” Aki wrote. “Their past experiences in working with the city to have illegally dumped items removed have not been quick nor productive and they lack confidence in the City’s new system.”

Aki believes that this new pilot initiative is a good start but there are still many areas that need to be improved, including greater public outreach and education. He also opposes any effort to charge residents for refuse collection and disposal services.

“There has been much talk by the Mayor and the City Council to monetize bulky item pickups. I oppose any efforts to do so until we have a solid system in place that actually works,” said Aki. “I understand that the City does need to find additional revenue generating sources but charging our residents for collection and disposal services should not be considered as an option at any point in the near future.”

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